Lauren Howard Hayes






Happy Endings

I Can't Change the World

Manny in Real Life

For the Love of Yo Homie

The Vicki Wagner Show


The K-Lo Sketch Show

Duchess Riot Improv

Diet Riot Sketch Show

Comedy Central Showcase

Cam-e-NOT! The Improvised Musical

Best of Second City

Second City Conservatory Show

Group Therapy

Hook & Ladder Main Street Musical




K-Lo Videos

Lewis Brothers + Lootcrate

Score: Find Your Teammate


How to Break Up W/ Your Girlfriend Before Football

Duchess Riot Shorties

Honda Life Hack




Second City Training Center, Hollywood

Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles

UCLA Screenwriting

Michael Woolson Studio

Lesly Kahn & Company

California State University of Fullerton



Guest Star


Guest Star






Duchess Riot

Duchess Riot

Main Company

Duchess Riot

House Team

House Team

Main Company

Cruella DeVil









Lead & Ensemble

Guest Star




Writer's Lab (passed)

Conservatory Graduate

Improv 101, 201, & 301

Levels 1-4

Audition Technique

Ongoing & Actor's Intensive

Bachelor of Arts, Acting


ABC / Dir. Eric Appel

Favored Nations / Dir. Brad Paisley

Prod. Keiko Suda / Dir. Salvador Paniagua

New Nations / Dir. Ramses Jimenez

Vicki Wagner Productions / Dir. Vicki Wagner




Open Space Theatre, Los Angeles

ACME Comedy Theatre, North Hollywood

Open Space Theatre, Los Angeles

ACME Comedy Theatre, North Hollywood

Comedy Central Hudson Stage

ACME Comedy Theatre, North Hollywood

Second City, Hollywood

Second City, Hollywood

Avery Schreiber Theatre

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim




Produced & Directed by Lauren Howard Hayes

Lewis Brothers / Dir. Ramesh Iyer

Bowl Cut Comedy

Prod. Nikolas Holmes / Dir. Jessa Zarubica

Duchess Riot Comedy

Scotch Tape Productions / Dir. Chris Vanderhorst



Kevin Kirkpatrick

Rob Janas

Johnny Meeks

Chris Webb

Braden Lynch

Lesly Kahn

David Newer

Dialects: Standard British, Cockney, Mid-West, New Jersey, Spanish, Texas, Vietnamese
Improv: Groundlings, Long Form, Musical Improv, Second City, Short Form, Sketch, UCB 

Impressions: Russell Brand, Carol Channing, Michele Bachmann, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, 

Real Housewives Teresa Giudice & Vicki Gunvalson, Jimmy Stewart, Rachel Zoe
Athletics: Cheerleading, Golf, Gymnastics, Handguns, Hiking, Running, Skeet Shooting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming
Miscellaneous: Singing, Dancing (Hip Hop/ Tap/ Jazz), Special Effects Makeup, Host, Rap, Sketch Writer, Can burp on queue

Film & Television










Special Skills

Height: 5’7”  •  Weight: 127 lbs.  •  Hair: Dark Brown  •  Eyes: Hazel   


Theatre & Improv

actor. writer. comedian.

Yo, Dad! What's up?

The ceiling.