"Lauren's like... Sarah Silverman sugar-coated in Anna Kendrick." 



Multi-hyphenate actor-writer-producer-comedian Lauren Howard Hayes was born in Orange County, CA. Her first acting gig was portraying Cruella DeVil at Disneyland where she successfully made thousands of kids cry. Upon graduating with a BFA in Theatre & Acting from Cal State Fullerton, she continued her comedic training at Second City, UCB, and Groundlings. She's a booker of national commercial campaigns and has collaborated with various improv groups including Off the Wall, Mostly Organic, and Duchess Riot. Lauren has written & produced over 50 digital sketch comedy shorts


In 2019, her live autobiographical dark comedy PRINCESS PARTY had a 26-show run in a Top 5 theater venue in Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Then in 2020, her political satire took center-stage when her spot-on Melania Trump impression amassed her TikTok channel over 35 million views and 111K followers.

She's a member of SAG-AFTRA and spends way too much money on vintage clothes.